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Week 1 ✔️

I survived my first week as a Ph.D. student! Naturally this calls for celebration, with an astronomy inspired bottle of wine and a starry blouse... #2017 #1styear

Explorathon 2017

The 2017 Explorathon in St Andrews was hosted by The Byre Theatre (along with a few other buildings about the town) and was well attended by both researchers and the public! Despite being stood at The Byre entrance all night counting attendance (repetitive strain from the clicker wasn't on the risk assent form...) I still had plenty of opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere. My (definitely unbiased) favourite stand was one by Shine, a collaboration between members of staff in th

STFC Astro Summer School 2017

A few weeks before the beginning of my Ph.D., I attended the STFC astronomy summer school where I got the chance to meet many other incoming Ph.D. students from around the UK. As well as being a great opportunity to meet other Ph.D. students, the school also involved plenty of interesting lectures in the broad area of astrophysics and some useful workshops. The highlight, however, was definitely the trip to Jodrell Bank (childhood dream ✔️) ... #summerschool #STFC #2017 #1sty


This summer, between my Masters degree ending and Ph.D starting, I was very lucky to be able to get involved in the 73rd SUSSP (Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics) which took place in St Andrews. In return for a small quantity of local knowledge, I sat in on some interesting lectures and met many interesting Ph.D. students, all working in the area of gravitational waves. I also helped out with the running of weekend activities, which included visiting the histori

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