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Hello World (again!)

After support from the Instagram community I've decided to start up this blog again. I plan to share a few things about my PhD experience (and maybe any tips that I've learnt the hard way), but also some science. I know that everyone is very busy, so I plan to label each post (in the title) with either: - short read, - long read, - very long read, to make your life easier! I'd also like to feature a few other astronomers on here, talking about their work. Please let me know i

Explorathon 2017

The 2017 Explorathon in St Andrews was hosted by The Byre Theatre (along with a few other buildings about the town) and was well attended by both researchers and the public! Despite being stood at The Byre entrance all night counting attendance (repetitive strain from the clicker wasn't on the risk assent form...) I still had plenty of opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere. My (definitely unbiased) favourite stand was one by Shine, a collaboration between members of staff in th

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